YEA delivers environmental programs that engage youth in hands-on learning activities!

YOU help protect Florida’s fragile environment by scheduling and participating in a program or by joining the YEA family as a volunteer or sponsor.

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Programs that Come to You – $7/Child
Ag in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom programs help teachers and students develop an understanding and appreciation of Florida’s multifaceted agricultural system and its relationship to our economy, environment, health, and quality of life. Programs include Loco for Coco, The Magic of Butterflies and Butterfly Gardening at Your School, and The Plant and Me. Learn More >

Cellular Celebrations

Cellular Celebrations reviews plant and animal cell composition including form and function of organelles and composition of cells.  Learn More >

Creating Environmental Stewards

What can we do about water pollution and over consumption, habitat loss and wildlife population decline? Through simulations, games, experiments and calculations, students will learn, our role in conservation and solutions to pollution.

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Cry of the Water

The Cry of the Water program. The program is an interactive experience in making a difference to our globe using Florida’s ecosystems as case studies. This hands-on program teaches about water conservation, ecology and environmental issues in a fun, scientific, hands-on experience that facilitates awareness and empowers students to make conscious decisions. Learn More >

Digestive System

The Question About Digestion program focuses on the digestive system. Students laugh and learn their way through the digestive system through experimentation and simulations. Learn More >

Energizing Ecology

Experiment packed program that is sure to energize your students as they learn Ecological principles and energy transfer through the system. This program covers all of Unit 8 in the Blue FL Science Fusion book in 50 minutes!

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Evolution’s Solutions

In Evolution’s Solutions students will create models and perform scientific investigations to learn about evolution, genetic diversity, selection and adaptation! Learn More >


Students become a citizen advisory board and organisms in the environment trying to debate their way into a waterway that the advisory board controls. This 2-day program teaches about invasive and native plants and wildlife, research, and resource management. This program is $10.00 per student. Learn More >

Marvelous Mangroves

Explore the marvels of mangroves, one of the most important and unique trees in the world. As part of a restoration team, grow them in your classroom!

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Paper, Plastic or the Planet?

Paper, Plastic or the Planet? This program is all about plastic and alternatives. It explores renewable and non-renewable resources and how land-based sources of plastic enter the ocean and in turn, the food chain. The program facilitates awareness to action so that students can actively make a difference! Learn More >

Sail Away with Simple Machines

Learn about simple machines, force and motion with experiments, models and a special treat as students board a pirate ship in the classroom! Learn More >

The Sea and Me – Prevent a CO2 Calamity

Our in-school field trip is called The Sea and Me – Prevent a CO2 Calamity – a global challenge with personal solutions. During this program, your students become Global Ecologists and discover the excitement of Global Connectivity and the Science of Ecology while experimenting, touching and researching real specimens! Learn More >

Tracks, Trails and other Tails

U-Pick-It lessons: feeding & breeding; habitat & survival; plants & animals; scientific investigations in the schoolyard with data collection and analysis; adaptations; make sampling gear; birds; fish; etc… Learn More >

Wonderful World of Wiggly Worms

This Program focuses on the role that worms play in our environment and in our lives. We explore the wiggly world of worms as they can lead humans to create healthy alternatives to fertilizers, pesticides, plastics and processed foods.

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YEA for Wetlands

This Program focuses on wetlands and watersheds, bio-Indicators of water quality and water consumption are just a few topics students experiment with and simulate to learn the importance of wetlands and their personal roles in conservation.This program is customized per grade including a High School version. Learn More >

The Zooarchaeology Expedition

Digging up the Past to Reveal a Sustainable Future Program is an experience in Florida Archaeology, History and Ecology embedded in practical science and hands-on learning, emphasizing how people and animals are in a symbiotic union that can teach us sustainable living. Learn More >

Programs That Come to You or You Come To
History Under the Sea

Come look through the porthole of history during this History Under the Sea – An Expedition of Underwater Archaeology to Promote Sustainability! Learn More >

Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs

Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs is a fishing skills program for young people that focuses on preventing drug use through sport fishing and aquatic resource education. This award-winning program has spread nationwide since 1986.

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Fishing for Success

Fishing for Success is a program that uses fishing and other related activities as the “hook” to introduce children of all ages to the various aspects of fishing and everything involved with it. Children learn about fisheries, aquatic environments, and vocational/educational opportunities associated with fishing. Learn More >

Programs You Come To
Creating Environmental Stewards at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park-$15.00/student

This 3-Part Experiential program has students fishing and restoring their way towards the understanding of wildlife conservation and habitat restoration. During this 4-hour trip, Students partake in fishing lessons and fishing, mangrove ecosystems, habitat restoration, and a nature walk with a lunch break ½ way through the day.

The school provides transportation.
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Sailing for Success – Call for pricing details

Each year the Sailing For Success program provides over 100 people with disabilities the opportunity to learn how to sail. Through a partnership with Broward College and the support from Allstate Resource Management, the program is able to provide Access Dinghies, which allow people with disabilities to experience the freedom of sailing. Learn More >