Meet the Team!




Our Board of Directors


Andrew Roberts, YEA President/Cofounder

President, Aquadisplays, Inc.

(954) 382-0188


Steven Weinsier, YEA Treasurer/Cofounder

President, Allstate Resource Management, Inc.

(954) 382-9766


Joel Wolf, YEA Secretary

Retired business owner

(305) 582-1913


Doug Young

South Florida Audubon Society



Robert Carew

Retired from Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department


Spencer Winpol, Legal Council

De Varona Law


YEA Management


Kristen Hoss, Executive Director

(248) 933-1069


Lee Gottlieb, Director of Community Outreach

(954) 382-0188


Aileen Waech, Fishing Program Manager

(954) 382-0188


Allison Zack, Grant Writing Guru and Volunteer Extraordinaire


Morgan Knowles, Media and Outreach Coordinator




Aileen Waech

Aileen has been involved in environmental regulation and restoration, commercial scale composting, native tree horticulture, educating interested public/corporate citizens, students and professionals along the way for 30 years. To continue the trend, Aileen is a certified Florida Master Naturalist with a passion for restoring the environment, education and helping others better their lives through dance, movement therapy and as a certified massage therapist. Aileen instructs women at Becoming and Outdoor Woman, a program sponsored by FWC, which teaches women outdoor skills such as fishing and reading the woods. With YEA, she teaches adults and children and has been featured in the Coral Springs Forum.




Allison Zack

AllisonAllison moved to Florida 4  years ago as a retired marketing manager from Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY. Once settled in Pompano Beach, she learned about Florida Master Naturalist Program and immediately started classes. One FMNP class project involved assessing the number of gopher tortoises at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, and that led her to train as a Volunteer Park Ranger so I could lead Friday morning interpretive walks in the Park. She is also the Web Content Administrator for the Friends of Birch FaceBook site. The Birch State Park volunteer positions and YEA outreach opportunities enable her to educate both residents and visitors about Florida’s plants and animals, the critical issues facing South Florida, and ways people can make a difference by participating in conservation activities.She is also trained as a National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward, education that she applied to her condominium complex for both native plant landscaping and water conservation.  She not only volunteers to write YEA grants but she is a stable participant in YEA dune restoration projects and butterfly gardening events, etc. Her FMNP education and Volunteer work with YEA and the Parks have impacted her life in such a positive way, she changed her identity from ‘retiree’ to ‘conservationist’!


Andrew (Andy) Roberts

AndyAndy has served as board President since YEA was founded in 2005, and is also President of Aquadisplays, a company that specializes in the sale, installation and service of a variety of water-quality enhancement products. Additionally, Andy serves as Treasurer of the Environmental Education Council of Broward County. His prior experience includes Director of Community Relations for Allstate Resource Management, an environmental services firm; Program Director of Tradewinds Foundation, a not-for-profit specializing in aquatic educational programs for under-served youth; and Sailing Program Director of Eastern Yacht Club in MA. Andy earned a B.S. degree in Political & Social Science from Florida State University with a minor in economics and environmental affairs. At FSU, Andy competed as a member of the sailing team and served as president of the Sports Club Council where he was awarded the Eddie Cubbon Award for Outstanding Leadership.


Doug Young

DougEnvironmentalist, advocate, conservationist, environmental educator, sustainability specialist, event organizer is the President, South Florida Audubon Society and Board Member, Audubon Florida. Board Member, YEA – Youth Environmental Alliance and Member, SE Florida Shorebird Alliance. In 2008, the National Audubon Society selected him to participate in its Climate Change Advocacy Workshop in Washington DC, and he then served the National Wildlife Federation as a lobbyist for the Waxman-Markey Energy and Climate Change Bill (approved by Congress in 2009). Mr. Young is an award-winning independent video writer/producer/director for NGOs, government environmental departments, public utilities and private sector organizations. He holds a Masters of Environmental Studies (MES) from York University, Toronto, Canada and was an Assistant Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mr. Young is also: Delegate, Everglades Coalition; Delegate, Everglades Regional Conservation Committee, Audubon Florida; Permit Holder, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Marine Sea Turtle Hatchling Rescue, Broward County; Member, Broward County Climate Change Task Force; Audubon TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Fellow; Florida Master Naturalist, Coastal Systems; Habitat Steward, National Wildlife Federation and LEED Green Associate, U.S. Green Building Council.


Joel Wolf

JoelJoel offers expertise in small business ownership as well as environmental sciences and education. Joel’s passion for environmental awareness and responsibility comes from first–hand experience working on the Greenland Icecap radar station for two years during the start of ice core research studying the effects of climate change. He was also a reservist with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission working with biologists performing environmental surveys and teaching fishing programs for kids. Joel also served as a director and three-term president of the South Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society, and was a member of Florida Association of Environmental Professionals


Kristen Hoss (AKA Tanawha!)

P1040254Kristen is an educator and ecological consultant who coordinates the Florida Master Naturalist program in Broward County, produces in-school environmental and science education programs, and provides expertise for ecological surveys and monitoring. Kristen is also Executive Director of Florida Local Environmental Resource Agencies, which is a voluntary group of environmental management agencies and organizations. She has a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, a Masters in Conservation Ecology and Wildlife Sciences. and over 25 years of experience in the field of ecology (inclusive of marine, aquatic and terrestrial) and the management of natural areas and wildlife. Kristen’s passion is making a difference in peoples lives, to the environment and to wildlife through working and partnering with like–minded people and organizations that share her vision of promoting sustainability through self empowerment and education. Kristen’s work has been featured on the National Geographic Channel, Wildlife Views TV program, the Pompano Forum, The Pelican, the Miami Herald, Poder and By the Sea Times.


Lee Gottlieb

LeeAs a resident of South Florida for over 40 years, Lee began his professional career with the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation. After a chance meeting with Marjory Stoneman-Douglas on the steps of the state capital, he would never look at the “river of grass” the same way again. Over the past 7 years Lee has developed andimplemented over 50 eco-action programs, engaging thousands of student/parent and corporate volunteers to help restore crucial native habitat in the tri-county area. In addition Lee has forged relationships with many Fortune 500 companies, developing new “Green Team Building” opportunities providing a venue for corporations to fulfill their community ‘give back mission statements’. With over 25 years experience in sales and marketing with several highly successful startup companies, Lee was able to take his invaluable experience to a new level when in 2012 he joined the Youth Environmental Alliance (YEA!) team as the Director of Community Outreach. Lee received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Government and Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University. Lee’s work has been featured in the Miami Herald and the SunSentinel.

“Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not” RK


Morgan Knowles


Passionate about the oceans and finding ways to conserve, protect, clean and educate about their vital role in survival of this planet, Morgan has dedicated her life to understand the complex yet captivating questions of the sea from a very young age. Her professional career began with a B.S. in Marine Sciences at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania with field work in Wallops Island Marine Consortium, followed by a M.S. in Marine Biology concentrating on coral reef ecology, restoration and marine debris. Her research interests include but are surely not limited to: coral reef ecology, tropical reef fish, restoration, marine debris and environmental education & outreach. Her love for the sea has allowed for over 350+ logged dives (~200 being scientific) and had the extraordinary opportunity to work in many marine related biological projects here in South Florida including: Reef Fish Visual Census Research Assistant, Outreach & Media Coordinator, Sea Turtle Specialist, Marine Benthic Dive Technician, Coral Restoration Assistant, Marine Science Educator and her own research on marine debris .Her most recent volunteer work (2 years) in submerged and shoreline marine debris removal efforts on Southeast Florida coral reefs and beaches. As well as using social media for outreach and education on the importance of our seas, and all organisms within it. She also has a knack for teaching as she has been a Snowboard Instructor, American Red Cross Emergency Response Instructor, lifeguard in Training Instructor, Camp Educator, and Marine Biology Educator. With this wide variety of skills in her tool box, she is willing to accept any challenge thrown her way on fin at a time.


Robert Carew

Robert is a dedicated board member who really not afraid to get his hands dirty as an environmental professional and environmental advocate for the majority of his career with Broward County. Now he joins the team adding a strong background in marine and coastal ecology, seamanship, irrigation technology and water resource conservation.





Spencer Winepol

Spencer is a civil litigation attorney in South Florida with a passion for education and the environment. He has been involved with the environment, and environmental services since childhood. Growing up in South Florida Spencer enjoyed fishing and spending time in the outdoors.Prior to attending law school at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Spencer spent his undergraduate years at the University of Florida studying environmental science and spent summers working as a management consultant for Allstate Resource Management. During law school Spencer served as a research assistant to Professor Darren Hutchinson in the areas of remedies and constitutional law. Spencer has handled constitutional, employment, corporate, and construction matters. He represents and advocates for individuals, construction contractors, and businesses in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. Spencer enjoys boxing, kayaking, and spending time with friends and family throughout the South Florida area.


Steven Weinsier

SteveSteve is President of Allstate Resource Management, an environmental science and service company focusing on all aspects of surface-water management. After receiving his B.S. degree, serving in the U.S. Naval Air Corps and graduating from the U.S. Naval Air Technical Training Center, Steve’s storied career has always focused on protecting and advancing the best interests of Florida’s natural resources through responsible management and education. His experience includes: President of Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society and Florida Fishing & Boating Buddies, Vice-Chair of Florida Farm Bureau’s Aquaculture Committee, Advisory board member Broward Cooperative Extension Service and of Stakeholder’s Council at the UF Fort Lauderdale Research & Education center, and reservist with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.