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Become a YEA volunteer:

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Learn why our sand is so important: page 44

 Here is how Lee got started:


Fight Climate Change by Implementing Any of the Actions Below:


  • Watch the video below for information on “Going Green to $ave Green”

Plant and they will come

Create a Butterfly Garden in Your Yard:


Go native and make sure to get a lot of larval host plants. Here are some great resources:



Checklist for South Florida Butterflies

Broward’s Butterflies



P1030909Restore your yard to native habitat:




Work with landscapers who are Florida Master Naturalists ,Habitat Stewards and/or Master Gardeners, here are a few I know:



Look at the plants with the * for native:



Avoid Styrofoam and Plastics,  find alternatives:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARead about plastics in Florida here:page 32-33 of






How to live a plastic free life, or at least decrease plastic consumption:


Recycling is good, but not good enough….

That would be great if everything ACTUALLY got recycled, the reality it does not…… Only around 12% of plastics are recycled, depending on the type, I read one study that said : According to the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers, a total of 28% of all post-consumer and post-commercial EPS was recycled in 2010. SO you can offer recycling, butnot everyone will do it, if it is too dirty it will not be recycled (which is often the case with food containers, this coming from someone I know who recycles for cities in Broward) and it still does not solve the end problem which is that it does not biodegrade, so once it is above the earth(as extracted oil), then it is on the surface of the earth forever, being consumed by wildlife, polluting our environment and using up a nonrenewable resource. New foam cups are not usually made by recycled materials, so new is new…..


Some nice bed-time reading…..The list goes on….


Research-based websites or links that summarize research:


Summary of outcomes of styrofoam bans:


Great statistics for how much was recycled but no info on how much was discarded/produced…..


Questions to ask and consider:

  • Where does the recycled Styrofoam go once people are done using it? Can it get recycled again? How many times can foam be recycled until it goes bask into the waste stream?
  • Does it ever biodegrade once it has been recycled? Paper, glass and metal are not eaten by wildlife and they do break down into their original components. What does recycled styrofoam break down into?





Share your Yard with Native Beneficial Wildlife:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Read about their benefits here:Have-you-ever-had-a-staring-contest-with-a-snake-and-won?


Costs of invasives: