Corporate team building with YEA, the Youth Environmental Alliance, it is not just for youth anymore!

Corporate team building is a valuable tool for fostering leadership, fellowship, stewardship, and ethics among your workforce. YEA green team building activities add a sense of ownership, purpose, and FUN to create a more impactful experience your GREEN team will long remember in their everyday lives.

Our science professionals deliver a powerful team-building event from our menu of award winning programs, addressing subjects such as coastal habitats, wetlands, and uplands, for example; or create custom programs tailored around specific subjects and activities focused on instilling the type of culture you want to promote within your organization.

On your site or in the field with our active community partners, your all-important team members will walk away with a sense of personal growth and inspired relevance to the world around them.


So What?

Here are the reasons that coastal restorations are important:

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